About MAH


   Born in Ecuador, Monica Hasbun (MAH) began her career as a jewelry designer back in 2010  in Miami, FL where Monica's company is now based.

 Monica began her hobby of beading after she acquired a piece from another designer and thought to herself she could create something masterful.  When friends, family, and even strangers began to request unique pieces designs by her, it was there and then that MAH Beads was bornz.

In 2018, Monica graduated from NYIAD (New York Institute of Art and Design) giving her the knowledge to create more avant-garde pieces that day by day have become more popular among her customers.

Ten years later, MAH continues to thrive by expanding her line of products with constant launches of new handmade designs. Ranging from a vast array of unisex, custom-made, and unique pieces, the MAH Beads Collection offers her signature jewelry to a growing customer base at an accessible price point.

MAH designs are inspired by the things she loves and enjoys such as yoga, meditation, nature, and of course.... trending fashion.

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